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Die offizielle Athletic Site der Texas Christian University, die TCU Horned Frogs Women's Equestrian, Partner von CBS Sports Digital. Embroidered patch with UA Equestrian logo. New Design Alabama Equestrian T-shirt. Horsewoman honoured with congress record. All-weather gloves for horsewomen.

Best riding clothes

If you' re looking for a great horse rides, every westerner needs a great set of wellies. There was a 15 rider crew who tested 7 sets of state-of-the-art men's westerns. We lunged for over 50 hrs, dragged through the sludge, rode on horseback and walked through the priest..... With over 40 hrs of horseback rides, walking and swashing through the swamp, in 6 sets of superb British women's footwear in all weathers, we have chosen the Horze Camden Teells for our champions as the best Equestrian Women's Tennis Boats.

We have chosen the Horze Sporty Rugged Paddock Boot as the best ladies paddock boot for our champ after more than 30 hrs of lungeing, walking and horse back rides in 5 pair of high class ladies paddock socks. Classy, long lasting and multifunctional, these shoes are.....

US teams

US Equestrian

U.S. Equestrian provides training, selection and financing for our United States Equestrian teams, which repeatedly wins the highest levels of awards in the world, such as the Olympics, World Equestrian Games, Pan-American Games, Nations Cups and World Championships. Since 1912, the three Olympics - training, events and show jumps - have been represented at all Summer Olympics and the USA has been a powerful force right from the start.

With 52 team and single placings, the USA are currently in second place. The United States competes in combination riding, stamina, vaulting, cleaning and paragliding in parallel to the three Olympics. The equestrian world is the only discipline in which men and men play against each other on an equal footing in all disciplines.

The year 1964, when the girls were allowed to take part in the Olympics for the first time, saw the first USA equestrian side with a female, Lana DuPont, who helped to secure a silver award in the group. Since the Paralympics began at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the USA have also used their own crews and won four single awards.

USET Foundation is supporting the competitions, trainings, coaching, travelling and education of the American top class and the development of international top sportsmen and equestrian in cooperation with US Equestrian.

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