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feminist magazines

These are a list of women's magazines from all over the world. They are journals published primarily for a readership of women. This is a list of the Top US Women's Interest Magazines as voted by the readers of the publication.

Women's magazines | Subscriptions for every woman

This is a life style journal based on good physical condition and physical activity. Womens HALTH is full of useful tips that you can apply today. More, more, more for those who want to be more. A glamour is an essential journal subscriptions for today's modern world. Every edition deals with themes such as fashions, cosmetic and make-up items, expert counselling for working girls and self-help.....

Kosmopolitan is the indispensable female journal. Every edition is full of the latest styling & wellness hints, the latest celebs' smack, dating help, sexual advices, trivia, games and more! The Yoga Journal is your guideline for better healthcare, diet, personal development,..... Over six million Womens Days are dedicated to providing well-founded counsel on issues such as good physical condition, eating and eating, good looks and fashions, and everything related to the home and the home.

It has a large number of..... The Elle Magazines is the definitive purchasing and living guides for today's world. Elle is dedicated to the refined and widely travelled lady and shows the latest hot topics in fashions, styles and..... The Vogue Magazines are the competence in the world of fashions, always stylish, ecological and up-to-date. This is the key for those who consider fashions a way of living, but much more than just fashions, Vogue....

It is the cosmetic journal for modern ladies. Every edition contains top celebrity and professional recommendations to keep you pretty, in shape and in style. O, The Oprah Magazines, is THE journal subscriber for the clever lady of today. Each edition contains great nutrition and dietary recommendations, cosmetic and healthcare hints, budgeting, social news items,.....

The Redbook - Loveife, Home Lifei, Your Liv. The Redbook is a modern journal for working moms who take charge of their lives and the environment in which we work. This is the journal subscriptions for fashion-conscious woman. Each edition is full of lifestyle hints, mystery beauties, relationships and careers advices, and entertaining instructions.

Harper's BAZAAR is the agency of modem magazines. Featuring the latest in design, each edition is packed with the best in styles, beauties, fashion trends and shops. Let us give you professional consulting..... Get behind the slopes with W and be in the front rows at the sexiest shows in the whole wide web to get your first look at the most fantastic fashions.

You will find fashions in every W edition that are stylish, sumptuous,..... The Bridal Guide is a journal for the modern wedding, which focuses on the latest fashions, beauties, home decor and honeymoons. Personalize your own unique look with inspirational inspiration from In Style. Explore the best in every budget category and get competent cosmetic consulting to help you personalize your look.

Town-and-Country is America's leading life -style journal for the wealthy. Town-and-Country is a stylish book that reflects and forms the sophisticated taste of its reader in the world of fashions.....

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