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White Mountain Horse Women's L/M Show Gloves. Inflatable boot tree for mountain horses. Riding Hoodie Jump Over Challenges, Horse Sweatshirt Women Men Unisex Clothing Riding Clothing Hunter Jumper Versatility. Female breeches are now available in as many styles as there are body types. Equestrian clothing is recognized as stylish "forever".

Riding clothes for ladies

If you are a horseman, you know how important it is to have the right gear, and your riding gear is no different! It is imperative that you have the right type of riding gear so that you feel good and look good in the ring, on the track, jumps or any other activities where you want to put it on.

Our riding gear for women is well equipped, breatheable and durable. If you are preparing for a race or need new training polo shirts, our women's clothing line with top labels like Ariat, FITS, Equine Couture and many others is just the right thing for you.

If you buy our top of the line jodhpurs or, if you are an all-rounder, try our safety jackets for more safety while riding, youâ?? will love the comfort of our everyday and stretched clothing. There is also a large selection of spores and belts to help you communicate with your horse.

Ladies Riding Clothing | Novelties

This is a great complimentary clasp in our series of full trimming jodhpurs with a Mid row fit. This is a revolutionary in riding pantyhose. I' ve got everything in this beautifully flattered clasp. This is a revolutionary in riding pantyhose. I' ve got everything in this beautifully flattered clasp. This is a long-term favourite with new details. The Princess panels in a ribbed knit for more comfort.

Equestrian, fashions & story

At the beginning of the twentieth centuries, when they began riding, this meant a rupture in a long traditional way. Girls were with men at the cocktail lounge. Before, the ladies were riding in side-saddles in robes and robes, emphasizing their womanhood. There is a long story behind the relation between horse and fashions.

Equestrian clothing is recognised as a style "forever". Equestrian sports have also had a sustained influence on fashions. In fact, equestrian accessoires have had a strong influence on general fashions. This accessory has been associated with the wealthy horse owners and is therefore considered trendy far beyond the riding academy.

Equestrian fashions are of course characterised by convenient and convenient clothing. They have been bred for the longest time since they were bred for labour and work. During the 18th c., the ladies in side-saddles in costumes or overcoats. More-or-less duplicating the coats that men Were in, the top half of the clothing was very similar to mens´ The clothing was very similar.

The lower part, however, was very different because the girls were wearing coats. In the 17th c. the characteristic riding wear was a male top and a female bottom. There was a great deal of heavy naval impact on horse wear in the 18th centuries, especially the Hussar outfits. During this period specialized seamstresses made the clothing for the ladies and the clothing was very unusual.

With a long history of sport and horse riding, the UK is a leader in the development of horsewear. Most of the UK nobility spent their life hunting on their farms and needed useful clothing made of woollen. Riding fashions in Britain affected other fashions on the web at countries´ - and especially in France.

French even named the traditionally coats (man´s), which were trimmed just above the knees, "redingote" (riding coat). A further room for horses and fashions have always been the racing. Leo's renowned horse racing scenery Tolstoy´s Roman Anna Karenina, which takes place in Russia in the latter part of the nineteenth cent. reminds us of the athmosphere. Racing was a place to wear women's clothes.

In the 1800' s, however, the general riding fashions were weakened. The seamstresses went out and from then on seamstresses made riding wear for both men and woman. In the mid and late nineteenth centuries, riding became more and more popular in the top mid-range. Horseriding gear was much less expensive than before and the colours were usually dark.

" Counsel is given in Power O´Donoghue in Ladies on Horseback of 1889. It was at this period that trousers for girls were launched for the first a year. The industrialisation and transportation revolutions, which brought in carriages and carriages, led to a change in the use of horse. Horse riding was more and more combined with recreation, sport and shows.

One of the greatest changes in society in modernity, the empowerment of the woman, had to alter fashions. Around 1900 more and more girls were riding without a skirt. After the middle of the 20th centrury there were only a few side saddles left. These breeches come from Jodhpur, an old state in Rajasthan, India, which dates back to the thirteenth cent.

Breeches are riding pants characterised by a broad hip (freedom of motion before the invention of elastic ) and narrow feet from the knee to the ankles. Yodhpurs became extremely popular and were used far beyond the equestrian scene. Industrialisation turned the manufacture of materials and clothing into large-scale manufacturing.

And as with most sportswear, advanced technologies have brought a number of new fabrics into the realm of riders´ You' ll go far with a hard hat, tan breeches, dark boot and a riding coat. There is a continuation of the romantic tale between horse and clothing. Occasionally, top-class co-stars resort to the rural beauty of horse riding clothing and create a collection that is strongly influenced by riding.

The best representatives of this tendency are perhaps haute fashion artists such as Ralph Lauren and Gucci, the latter with the horse bits brand and its own riding line. There is not much scope for the most zealous horse designer to avoid falling prey to the discerning opinions of professionals who go beyond story.

"Horse is prettier than the lady who rides it." Equestrian Costume", Ane has a long passion for the horse, story and travel. Their interest in riding took them to Spain for a riding week-end in Jerez de la Frontera. For one year she settled there, rides and learns to learn to appreciate the horse cultur.

Their interest in equestrianism, heritage and cultural events fulfils the mission of ?s to be a wide ranging life style mag.

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