Wood Jump

wooden jump

This is a springboard for a kangaroo! In contrast to a mini trampoline (with soft jump) our heavy duty board offers vertical springs under a wooden board and is ready for hours of hard jumping! The milling ensures a straight and round vaulting pole.

Building a wood dock Update

This is a full guide that shows you how to make your own wood jump. Well, seeing as this back edition is no longer available, I thought I would advertise up the whole article covering any budding cabinetmakers who knock up their own ramp. Well, that's a good idea. Okay, get your overalls on and your liner gauge out, I'm going to go all blue Peter this month with a wo-to lecture on platform buildings.

"He was my wood instructor at college, his slogan was always "Thumbs up for security in the workshop", the ironical fact is that he had cut off one of his thumb with a keen saw, but he was good at wood). As you probably know, a fast snoop on the web will show you a hundred ways to do it.

So, here is the bluffer guidelines for constructing a platform. Oh, an important point, I've used low-cost wired boards because I'm a bit skint at mo, but if you want to outlive your outdoor mishap years you really have to use navy-ply, it's definitely Worth the bonus wonga. No...

A further point in the bureau, I wanted to unlatch the sides of the crossbars' sides, the others said they would not take the trouble to simply tighten them. I' ve highlighted the traverses at a distance of 200mm and unlatched all the others. I' was a little slap-dash, which led to slutty nicks, make sure you're more cautious and make an awesome grip, maybe you' ll even put a hint of wood glutin.

Decide how broad you want your rim; I've gone for 900mm just because it was looking about right. With the crosscut saw, or some folding fat and a hacksaw, trim the crossbars to your width, in my case 900mm for the grooved ones and 864mm for the inner ones.

The next step is to pat some wood adhesive around the grooves and drive in the beams, a lateral oblique bolt would not go wrong just to fix the beams. Subsequently tighten the inner tapered crossheads. Work the width of the platform and trim the 9mm thick timber accordingly.

For the length you can now either shoot or length en the bend with a bit of cord. Place the layer over the bend, leave your partners standing on it while you bolt them to the beams, about four per beam should do it.

The surplus is then sawn off at the top with a jigsaw With the 9mm thick panels sawn off, a piece is sawn onto the top of the dock. That' s it, your loading bay is full, well done. If you want to change the hanging position slightly, wedge the back of the platform with wood (to'send' you), or dig out the bottom on the back to make the passage a little softer.

As soon as your pride and delight is completed, a good notion is, on some layers of color, my varnished wooden platform has been outside for three years and still going high. The only thing that remains to be done is to skip the son of a bitch.

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