Wooden Box Jumps for Sale

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The most exercises include jumping on plyometric boxes of different heights. For the coming season, train with a composite, metal or wooden plyo box from this line. Rectangular boxing is a good exercise to get a good shape for a boxing jump. Plyometric Box Jump exercises are one of the best plyometric exercises. Rounded wooden box corners ensure that you can jump safely.

Plyometrical box jumps

Rugged and solid, these box plyos are valuable to you. Extremely robust & well constructed. Buyed it to practise my jumps at home. Beautiful as the ones used in my cross-fit courses. Though I like to work out on it as it is robust and has a great bearing on it.

I found the only thing I found quite irritating was that the bolts you use to put it together were very easy to remove and it was more complicated that it had to be to put it together. But this is great know that it is foaming that makes this crack simpler for those who have never tried it before.

I have never tried boxing before, it was great to see how he built up self-confidence with the Foam-Titan-Box. No way I'd allow them to do that on a wooden box! I' d give it a 4 1/2 asterisk, would be a 5, but I use the 30" side and it would be great if it was a little widen!

It is very stable, although there is only one supporting element on the inside. It is a stable, robust fitness studio floor. It is recommended for anyone who wants to buy a box to either use it for different types of exercise or to help reach a drawbar. Is used daily by various individuals from 120 pounds to 240 pounds each.

Beautiful box, long lasting, broad for a good bounce land, lightweight so you can move and turn to the other level..... at last it's great to have. It was very robust and had no problems at all.

Plyo Box 3 in 1, indispensable for plyometry training and boxing jumps for cardio and exercise

A Winner! excercises on the plelo platform and simple ways to raise your difficulties. Kneeling box jumps, box jumps, deposit jumps, knee thrusts, box squats, lateral box jumps.... influence the power of the 50lb. box. They are already bored, and even with a simple screw driver you can construct the wooden Plyo-Box in about 30 mins.

When you want to go higher, you will be the: - Circular wooden box corner plyos to remove pains when a crack is lacking.

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