Wooden Stables

stables made of wood

You can install wooden stables in many shapes and sizes. You can even add extensions to your existing stable block, whether we built it or not. Stables for horses/ponies/earls, tack rooms, field shelters, hay camps, kennels, sheds on Gumtree.

We offer

Stables made of wood can be mounted in upright, U-shaped or L-shaped barn units with any desired combinations of loose boxes, saddle chambers and howler beds, according to the type and the available area. Or we can simply extend your current stall unit, whether we build it or not - we just need a photo and dimensions of you.

We can also create ground layouts so that your clients can install a basement (we can also build on other areas - please contact our team). You should have a minimum thickness of 4-6 and slightly larger than your stall area. It is recommended to have an skirt of 4-6? around the house.

In this way it is ensured that the house is quadratic and protects the barn from humidity and prolongs its lives. On request, we deliver a galvanized base of galvanized iron instead of brick or place your buildings directly on top of it. Our wood comes from Sweden and Siberia.

This is because the forest grows very slowly in cooler climate zones, resulting in thicker wood with thicker annual circles, which in turn reduces contraction, distortion and cleavage. We use Tanalith'E (BS EN 335-1) for all our woods. Since we have built wooden stables, we have been lining our Onduline rooftops with 11 layers of wood oxide oxide oxide (OSB).

This is indispensable in every barn. It is always advisable to put the gutter forward, while the back of the barn is more a question of preferences. We only deliver the lower part of the front side which is completely equipped with galvanized hardware, hinge and a 50 mm chewing bar on the top side of all our products.

Only the lower one is supplied, as in our own experiences a large number of our clients consider it superfluous to install two gates, as both gates are seldom closed. However, we also provide top quality gates as an optional extra. To ventilate, we suggest a top back window, slat window and sills.

There is also a large selection of window choices available - see our robust PDFs. All our wooden structures are manufactured on site at our Warwickshire plant. A large warehouse of regular sizes and entire stables allows us to reduce our lead time to a bare minimum. 2.

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