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For sale: pony or small harness. It would be a good working harness at a reasonable price. We offer a wide range of safety belts, from building and tower belts to welding and recovery belts.

Safety harness construction, safety belts

Designed for security and convenience, our multi-purpose trapezes allow your employees to work at higher altitudes for longer times. All-purpose seat belts are often fitted with convenient waist and shoulders that make working child's play, with integrated breathing activity and humidity-controlling. Fully customisable, multi-purpose halters provide form-fit capabilities so you'll always find the right shape.

When you have made the right settings, you will have a harness that will feel like it was developed especially for you. Arcs belts are made to last and are intended to provide protection for a workers in the event of a drop after an arcs lightning and radiation when working at hazardous levels or in a small area near live power supplies.

This is a matter of care for those employees who are fitted with safety belts and shock-absorbing lanys, who are injured by the high temperature of an electrical arcs and may not be able to stop a later crash. Lightning belts should be flame-resistant and be able to resist high temperature so that the operator does not burn.

Similar to lightning protection belts, weld protection belts are normally made of fire resistant material such as Kevlar and have been developed especially for non-conductive and non-sparking plug connections. They are ideal for welds, casting and metalworking, or any work environments where contact with aggressive chemical, hot or hot environments and abrasion is a problem.

Maintaining your workmen during an unhappy crash and assisting them while they wait for salvation is an essential task of the tool. If there is a drop, the whole length belts distribute the force throughout the entire length of the whole torso, significantly decreasing the risk of injuries. Designed to be used at hazardous levels, our belts are produced by companies accredited to EN ISO 9001 and comply with Angi Saddle Stretchers Standard Angle 359 and Angi A-10.

Highly visible protective garments are clothes such as waistcoats, baby booties or overalls that employees can carry to enhance how well other human beings "see" them (their visibility). This high-sighted working harness has been specially developed for work that requires reflecting work clothes in combination with guardrails. Light but still extremely strong, these are the most suitable for those working at height in the building, transport or utilities industry.

There are also a number of belts constructed to resist the stress of constantly hanging over your site. If you work at height, you want a harness that is as secure as it is convenient so that you can do your work properly. Gone are the times when harness systems were constructed with motion and convenience.

Light, supple and cushioned, our straps keep your feet, back, waist and shoulder comfortably and allow you to carry them all the time. Safety belts are designed specifically for quick exit from the traffic jams or can be used to lift and lower a workers on the construction site. In either case, if you need to get out of a tacky position in a rush, you should buy this harness.

Hanging brackets are widely used in the cleaning and varnishing industry and are engineered to lower and assist a workman while providing a hands-free working area. The most important thing to remember when choosing a harness is to make sure that it is secure and, most of all, that your harness will fit according to the manufacturer's table of sizes.

An improperly fitted seat belt endangers your and your employees' lives. Comply with all directions supplied with your seat belt. Whilst there is no doubt that employees are trained on their harness at the workplace, a minor assembly error can put them in a life-threatening position if they do not give any instruction.

However, a full length harness should be worn tightly to avoid serious injuries or fatality in a falling anomaly. In the same way as a seatbelt does not offer the rider safety in an impact, a seatbelt does not offer safety in the case of a drop.

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