Working Draft Horses for Sale

Work horses for sale

Is used to feed on the ranch and other work at the ranch. Locate and/or list a horse, ox, mule or donkey team for sale. Belgium'Brabant' draught horses Belgium, a small western European nation, breeds a horses that once enjoyed the worldwide esteem...

. Nevertheless, horses were and are still routinely imported to the remotest parts of the globe. It is a very early breed from the early seventeenthury.

Stutbuchorganisation was established in 1886, since then the horses' and breed's general qualities have greatly increased. Belgium's horse quickly gained a global fame, which led to rapid expansion of exports to America, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, France, France, .... Soon after the end of the Second World War, the driving force began an unstoppable fight against equestrianism.

There was a spectacular reduction in the number of designs. Nowadays it is the breeder's affection and passions that keep the draught horse going, but the ever shrinking number of colts is a menace to breeding and even deaths. Its powerful looks coupled with its soft nature make the Belgium draught horse a truly one-of-a-kind beast.

By their very nature, Belgium's draught horses are not very challenging. Non-working draught horses have enough with straw and/or grasses and, if necessary, an added vitamin/mineral additive. One draught has enough with a further two kilos of total fodder per day. The following is a brief overview of the breeding standards of the Belgium draught horse: Altitude at withers: There is no minimal or maximal heigth.

Horses have three primary colours: brown, dark brown and auburn. In contrast to most other races, the unchangeable gray-factor appears very frequently with Zugpferden. It' call rock (or rock). The fur contains whitish hair between the head colours. Each major shade has its own variation of Roan: Laurel, Blauer and Roter.

Genuine mould horses also exist, but this colour is very rarely seen in Belgium's draught horses. The most commonly used colour at present is the laurel wreath.

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