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We have Working Cattle Horses for sale. GLOSSY RUNNING, BEAUTIFUL CUTTING HORSE MARE - SHOW DONE! He is a big, pretty ranch horse deluxe. The AQHA registered quarter horses that we use on the farm for working and playing. Quarter ranch raised horses for sale bred for cutting, working cow horse, reining, headline, heeling, and calf abseiling.


Our mission is to produce high class quarter horses that are sufficiently varied to work on the show ground, in the stables or on the ranches and trails. Stallions are for sale at the Ozark Foundation Breeders Association Sale, which takes place every autumn. You can find further information on the sale at or send us an e-mail or call us.

The K2 Farmstead is an AQHA-approved breeders of running rings. By embodying the durability, authenticity and sincerity of the farm's traditions, you''AQHA Ranching Herald Breeders. Breeders are the ones who grow and rear the farm horses, which forms the heart of the AA and embodies the breed's versatility: Our ranching Heritage challenges are designed solely for fillies raised by recognized breeders, and K2 ranches are proud to be part of this programme of award-winning breeders.

AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge Shows can nominate all fillies of the show and have the Ranching Heritage Logo directly on their paper. That will always differentiate all our horses from an AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder and give an added value and an award for the horses lifes.

Ranking-Heritage Challenge: The Ranking-Heritage Challenge shows the variety, solidity and willingness of the horses that were borne and bred on the farm. Firstly, the aim of the Heritage Breeders programme is to recognise the members of the AQHA who have unswervingly carried on the rank and file traditions through the breeding of Quarter Horses for use in working age cows.

Secondly, the Ranching Heritage Challenge aims to raise the popularity of ranching horses through a range of ranching contests and trails, offering ranchers and owner the chance to take part in a truly original ranching horses contest or a range of trails for a significant wallet. This challenge is open to all horses raised by an AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder.

Everyone can own and show these registered and registered horses in the competitions. There are several different age and performance level categories for horses and riders. Lessons cover work horses, ranching, rowing andrel racin.

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