Wyo Horse Sale

Horse Wyo Sale

The WYO Quarter Horse Sales, Thermopolis, Wyoming. The sale took place in Cheyenne during the Frontier Days Rodeo in front of the Train Depot Plaza! Children's horses and ponies, well broken out, gentle horses offered by top cosigners.

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So we bought Tex, took him home... he was great, amazing side cards... everything!!!!!!!! I just got a call from my boyfriend, was said that Tex is creating a crack in the familiy, everyone is getting up to work beef for the daily battles for which he may Tex be riding......... HIGHEST recommendation of the stallions here and really enjoying the sales expertise, my boy was the tenderer (12) and Wilford Brimley gave my boy the feeling of being a queen when he offered...... really a great home time!

Cheyenne Wyoming Horse Sale by Twombly Ranch

July the 28th in Cheyenne, Wyoming! The sale took place in Cheyenne during the Frontier Days Rodeo in front of the Train Depot Plaza! Well, we had a great sale! More than 100 telephone offers were placed to those who could not be present. This sale was again sold by Sammy Hamblen from Colorado.

That was our forty-two sale! Sales averages: By the end of the evening, Los 6 was our best seller! He is a great 5 year old suede gelding! Come and see Babu! Sell unnoticed by telephone! "Aqua" was a sales favourite! He/it sells at lot 3 and goes to Arizona with repeated purchasers on a last offer of 62.500 $!

Over the years you have bought 10 of our horse! To sell the vision that was invisible by telephone was batch 5 "Rangle". This chic 6 year old suede gelding is as soft as possible. He' now going to live in Maryland with a rebuyer at a definitive $60,000 offer! He' s also sellin' to Arizona repurchasers for $57,000!

Los 10 "Thunder" was the horse of the whole team! Soft and friendly to all. He' s also going to Arizona with rebuyers! That kid had a re-ining workout and is fantastic to be riding on the trail! Telephone for 52,000 dollars to sell was Los 7 "Gentleman", the chic 5 year old Palmino-Ggelding. Snookie" shattered our broodmare records and sold to Colorado repurchasers for $50,000!

You' ve bought six of our stallions now! And last but not least Los 28 "Reata" was the chic 4 year old Blueback Ranch-Galach. He' s also selling to Colorado repurchasers for $40,000! Betting on a last offer of $35,000 was the soft one! The 1-handed suede gelding will have a great home on a Californian farm!

$32,000 took $32,000 to take possession of this great gelding. What? Sweetest little Palominowallach in the area was Los 13 "Minion" line, which was broken and soft! Lucky for him, he found a great home in Colorado for $27,500! Tripp's favourite horse on sale was Los 15 "Pluto", one of the gentlest on sale.

He is an 8 year old suede gelding. Mmm. He' s going home with Colorado repurchas for $25,000! Lot 23 also sold undetected vision by telephone to Santa Fe, New Mexico! That big, nice, 8-year-old suede was soft! lot 4 "toy" was the sweetest little falcon in the area! Only ApHC-Gelding in the offer!

He' s selling vision you can't see on the telephone and going to Texas for $20,000!

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