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Horseriding Xc boots

Romani neoprene brushing boots for horses. The EquiFit MultiTeq ImpacTeq Lined Horse Sport boat front. N.E.W.

Cross Country Lite Boots Hind. The best cross-country boots on the market. Are you looking for eventing boots that don't rub, cheap XC boots or for cross country boots reviews?

PREMID EQUINE air-cooled boots

Premier Equine A/C boots maximise your horse's foot guard without compromising your horse's naturally occurring actions when he gallops or jumps. Several ventilation slots are ideally located throughout the trunk to maximise refrigeration. While your stallion is working, the wind flows through the front ventilation slots and circles around your horse's legs, holding the sinews cold.

As your equine works more hard and fast, the air flow through the ventilation system increases. Evaluations provided on this website reflect the experiences of the persons who published them. None of the articles published in the press section are accepted, edited or endorsed by us. Rather, the feedbacks are part of an on-line pet owners' communities that want to exchange their special experiences with other people.

This is no replacement for talking about your pet's condition with a vet. However, please be aware that these values are approximate values only. Premier Equine Air Cooled boots are front and back specifically, so it is not necessary to order a bigger horse hindquartersize. The horses are usually the same overall height.


Veredus is passionate about a comprehensive and ground-breaking line of products for the preservation and maintenance of horses' feet. Progressive technologies, state-of-the-art resources, precision and love of detail are the factors that make VeredusĀ® so special. VeredusĀ® Boot Collection makes sure your horse's feet are in the latest, most technologically sophisticated, anatomical boots on the game.

Whatever your favourite sport - show jumping, eventing or dressage - Veredus has a pair of boots to suit your horses. VeredusĀ® Magnetik Collection - an advanced groundbreaking treatment system - offers a variety of treatments for most areas: i. e. limb, ankle, foot and ankle.

New technology in cross-country boots through research in athletics

In recent years, knee protector features for the cross-country period have become the subject of much debate, research and industrial debate. Whilst the proven cross-country boots still remain, there are many new possibilities geared to research in the field of athletic research, but also to the needs of the equestrian world.

Boyd Martin's Majyk Equipe Cross Country Boat was recently introduced to Rolex Kentucky and was so successful that the first series was completely out of stock this week-end. Since I work for Boyd, I must say that I am a little prejudiced in my recommendations for these boots, as I have personalized many of the prototype and suggested changes due to my preference.

Nevertheless, these boots are light, breathe more and have a better fitting than all the other boots I have tried and I am very much struck by the comprehensive research and design that inspires their manufacture. Majyk Equipe has a background in sports textiles technology and has used the know-how from the manufacture of product at firms such as Adidas and Nike to create these boots with the comforts of the back of the head.

The boots have an integral stroking area over the string that provides the rider with flexibility and without sacrificing safety. Indeed, the level of boot safety is unsurpassed, as the intensive crash tests of a third firm, Biokinetics of Canada, show. The results showed that the Majyk Equipe exceeds the boots of other manufacturers by up to 40%.

These boots not only pass rigorous tests of endurance, they also sit better than any other boots I've used and prevent the accumulation of grime and mud between the boots and the horse's thigh. Further benefits included their capability to reject moisture, keep them light, their longevity, their resistance to mechanical wash and use on several horses and their breathable properties, which prevent any kind of build-up of hot ness on the horse's foot during a long cross-country run.

My first selection for versatility at all skill level, with characteristics that make them perfect for four-star cross-country skiing, and a value for money that makes them accessible for daily use. The Kentucky boots feature a number of properties found in many of today's cross-country boots, such as high cushioning, waterproofing, protection without the need for warmth and a custom fitting.

A number of renowned pros throughout Europe, Australia and the USA have tried and designed these boots, which makes their designs rigorous and dependable. I' m particularly struck by the new Solimbra DS3O versatility boots, which meet the needs of top drivers all over the globe. Tendon Grip is another Kentucky Tendon Grip that I use at all three-day shows, especially for horses with delicate, reclipped feet, regardless of the boots I choose.

PREMEINEQUINE BOOTS (PEi), designed in the UK, are a favourite with pros at many East Coast shows. These boots' most remarkable characteristic is their patent-pending "Aircooled" technique, which prevents the build-up of warmth under the boots by letting hot wind flow through several openings on the front and side of the boots, thus cooling the chord and minimizing injuries.

Welln Finer boots have been around for over 20 years. I' ve seen many couples over several years old who are still in good form after their use on different horses. They' not as light as other newer styles, and in my view they don't chill the horses' feet as efficiently as the above, but they go well with the horse's feet, and I would still suggest using these boots in the lower stages of versatility.

Whilst the lightweight and breathability of Porters have long been the first port of call for demanding events, in recent years so many new cross-country boots have been launched that Porters have been almost entirely superseded by less time-consuming and simpler to service boots.

If you choose a cross-country shoe for your saddle, look for something that is light and breatheable, doesn't generate warmth, sits well and is made of material that doesn't bother your horse's body. It is not recommended to wear boots made of wetsuits, as it irritates the skins of delicate horses.

Recent cross-country boots have turned away from the use of wetsuits and have made the riding experience a top concern. R&D at Adidas and Nike has ensured the well-being of our equestrian sportsmen and women for many years. Now our equestrian sportsmen and women can also profit from these comprehensive research.

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