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Amber is mentally imaginative, the colour of new concepts that helps us to find new ways. Amber is the best colour to inspire passion for living and to inspire more trust and cheer. The colour refers to the gained know-how. It' the colour that resounds with the logical or logical side of the mind, stimulates our intellectual abilities and creates our mind's flexibility and awareness.

As the brightest colour in the range, the colour psycology of yellow is exhilarating and enlightening and offers hopes, luck, happiness and pleasure. The yellow colour is helpful in making decisions because it refers to the clearness of thinking and thinking, although it can often be stimulating. The yellow colour assists us in focusing, studying and retrieving information that is useful during the examination period.

In 2014 the yellow riding style will be very popular and we assume that more and more horsemen will be falling in fond of shining yellow shades for the cross-country track and that the monochrome combination of a yellow training parachute and a maroon fur will be visually appealing for them.

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