Young Horses for Sale

New horses for sale

They are horses with a future ahead of them and ready for more training. New perspectives for racing & competitive sports. Manufacture and training of amateur-friendly sport horses from dressage to hunting. It is only sold to an experienced young horse development home. We have foals and young horses for sale:

Kittens - Wood's Lane Farm

He has a versatile and tried-and-tested genetic swimmingpool that is highly promising for a sporty equine carrier and value as a brood mare. She' s kind and she' s fond of humans. He is an elegance brown and gray filly, accurate and climb. She' s got three beautiful corridors and a bag lady who'll take your throat out.

Aurora at the RPSI inspection in 2013. He' s very accurate, people-oriented and on the up. That enchanting filly has the motion and character to take your mind away. Beautifully accurate and crestfallen. She is both graceful and accurate. At the RPSI inspection in 2011 Rapunzel was very successful.

Horse for sale

He is a very confident, sincere knight and has started at practice with a grown -up ham. She is a good movers and is willing to train his next horseman with the rope. A 1 hh Wurttermberger filly with breathtaking movements and an outstanding mind. In October 2016, she entered Kingfisher Park after participating in the Young Horse Competitions with a young German horse for one year.

She is a soft, quiet little woman with three nice hovering goals and a nice jum. It started in spring 2017 with the competition. He would be a showpiece for a pro, young horseman or even hobbyist. Sonny is a talented young man with an astonishing ability and learning ability, who started his versatile stallion training in spring 2017 and proves to be a very competitve sire.

2-hour gelding Deutsches Reitpony with perpetual bangs. After graduating in 3. grade and sitting tests, he received marks in the top 60' with a youngster and apro. Participation in the NCDCTA championships with a youth equestrian. The Mystic would be the perfect companion for a young or grown -up ham to win the USDF bronze medal.

"Belle " is a 2014, 15. A pink grey warm-blooded filly, slightly launched under horseback. She' s a very cute, quiet little gal with a great intellect, beautiful movements and a great character who is very eager to study and works really well to please her horseman. He is a courageous, carefully jumping horse with 3 beautiful movements and a cute character.

With a young mare, he started in lower class show jumping tests for young horses and is currently coaching show jumping horses and cross-country horses with the upside. An elevation would be great for someone who changes from a bangs to a horses. He' s a wonderful knight, with 3 nice courses and a very even galloping up the hill.

After a successful start in the 1920s and 1930s, Freddie has recently advanced to the top of the world. A 1h chestnut-brown thoroughbred filly, who competes in events up to the first round class. She is a delicate filly with a big temperament who likes to leap. Recently she won in her education department at The Fork with a 25.9 grade in young horse-riding!

2-hour gray quater vault bangs with USEF-pattern. He is a courageous, sincere and cautious knight who trains up to 3'3" and is a beginner off-road. Mr. H. has successfully participated in large ponies hunters and locally organized test series. Willing to make his d├ębut in the equestrian field, Elvis would be a great all-round bangs for every kid and every hobbyist.

Two hours of Arabian broodmare. She is a very confident, courageous jumping horse who likes to jump across countries. She has participated in the novice class with a young horse and is willing to instruct another young horse or a small grown-upper.

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