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Jumpers for sale

Eventhorses for sale | Jumpinghorses Young and highly talented sports horse for sale - approved horse with up-to-date shape - junior - young equestrian events horse, up to 4* and Olympia perspectives. "Having worked as a horse trainer for many years, I have a thorough grasp of the needs of sellers and purchasers of show jumpers and events ponies. As a self-employed horse trainer, I am very proud to bring the best of the best together with the right people.

Working with Verdina Sport and Verdina Sport Horse you are choosing professionality - transparence - knowledge as well as professionalism. In the following you will find only a small selection of the currently presented horse. Don't neglect to tick the appropriate category as more horse are included. Always looking forward to talking to you on the telephone, let us know what you are looking for and we will get in contact with the right horse for you.

It would be great for a horse racer who wants to race or a kid who wants to make the switch to a horse.

Sport horses from Germany - Sales horses

You are looking for sportpferden, Dressagepferden, Springpferden or High Potentials? Whether you are looking for a sport or show jumping or training stallion, we will find the right stallion for you throughout Germany and the Benelux countries, organise individual trips and coordinate sales activities to show you around our stable and arenas.

We are based on a large selection of young and seasoned sport horses from the breeders directly, which we either educate and market ourselves or by order. You can also take advantage of our after-sales services to arrange a veterinary inspection and transport of your new sport horse to your area.

Six young show jumpers who are enthusiastic.

In May 2014, thanks to his dependable clear laps, he gave the squad further good results. Di Lampard's new lead. The best results so far: The only driver to have won two World Championship qualifying games this 2014-15 seasons; won the Dublin GP in 2014 and placed 7th in the singles at the World Equestrian Games later this year.

Currently Bertram is number 14 in the whole hemisphere. He will make his d├ębut in the Las Vegas finals in April and expects to be part of the Ireland squad at the 2008 season Euro Cup (19-23 August). The best results so far: Win the U23 British Championship at Olympia 2014.

In 2014, Kerry received her first invite to HOYS after leading the new Golden Show Jumping Division last year. Although Kerry is a young mother of the Oscar for babies, she is on her way to the highest levels of achievement. The best results to date: He was an all-round spony and champion in Juniors Bronze before concentrating on a jumping carreer.

Alfie, who is now supported by KBIS, will take part in young riding crews and perhaps seniors' trophies. The best results so far: Double Champion of Europe in a fantastic pony racing carreer, winning men's and women's team medals at the 2014 Juniors Europeans and a 9th place in her first World Cup qualification last months.

Mayor Toscan De SainteHermelle, 12-year-old white gray colt, 2006 Championship and third at the Antwerp Global Champions Tour (GCT) grand prix. Place in the Belgium squad for the Euro Championship. Take with you the offspring of Stanny van Paesschen, the Olympia jumper who has been in the back of the pack all his career.

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