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Myshorse announces a new generation of cloud-based social gaming on iOS. Take care of your horse through care, treatment and feeding. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about My Horse. The horses that have lost the drive are typically considered lazy and boring.

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Enjoy the dreams of having and caring for a real horse and sharing the experiences with your mates! Take good caring for your horse by caring for, nursing and caring for it. And when you are willing to gather and maintain eight different races! To keep your horse lucky and in good health is the secret of your horse's future prosperity!

Get your horse in motion while he is playing and eating in the camp - it's like you're really there! You can help each other: Come to your friends' stable to take care of their horse - many different types of hand make the job easy! I have a horse that looks fantastic. Observe how your horse is moving and how his hearing tells you his state.

Admire the Pinto ponies - each one looks different. I' m taking you to a place you don't want to go. Get My Horse now and take care of your own horse! Ensure that you are playing games on-line to get the latest contents and functions, and ensure that your account is stored in case something happens to your game.

IMPORTANT: My horse is free to use, but it contains objects that can be bought for free. In the" Restrictions" on your machine you can switch these buys on and off. Mys Horse is released by NaturalMotion Games and designed by MunkyFun, Inc. It may require you to have full control over your photo library, your calendars and your cameras, which are used for everlasting advertising campaigns.

First of all, I would like to say that many of these 5-star reviewers have been planting on the subject of "stopping hate". Secondly, my assessment of this one is beyond the level of fairness and is not related to what the match contains - why should you give a 1 or 2 stars assessment because they no longer have mono!

It was a great match. I' had a lot of laughs with my horse. BUT, suddenly the mini-games, which you can gamble with, began to advertise in apps. You can already see advertisements in the ingame to get gemstones. Except they want you to buy tokens or gemstones with genuine cash (this is NOT stated in the notice the program gives you).

There is hardly any free playing for myself and these displays are ruining the additional I have. I love this one. This is a great one. CALM YOU! but please include more horse races and horsebreeders. It would be much more fun if you could include more horse races, and you should have more than one horse in the camp!

Well, most folks want more horse races. Hasser, why take the liberty of writing hatred commentaries? Do something good about the match. You' re just wastin' your piss. Yeah, the gameplay needs better things, but there's no need to loathe the gameplay. Apparently, it took the developers a long while to develop this pack.

Once again, if you post a hatred note about the match, you're probably just envious that you didn't create a new one. It' a great match, only some folks like to hates it. Apparently, the makers of the pack are still working on it. And you don't know who these guys are, you could make them cancel the match.

Stops the hatred. Yeah, there should be a few upgrades, but there's no need to be thankful that this pack was made. That' a great match! Challenging your buddies and review rankings and success.

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