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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Your Horse Magazine. YYour Horse Magazine - October 2018 subscription Subscribers get the following benefits: You get 13 editions during a 1-year membership of Your Horse magazine. We do not charge any extra postage during the ordering process, the rates you see are the rates you are paying. One of the great things about a season ticket is that in most cases you get the edition before it is sold in stores!

Most likely your subscriptions will begin with the next available edition. Shipment date is based on the date of your order and the printing date of the next available edition. When you are worried about a shipment, please directly ask the issuer of your subscriber. You can also get in touch with us and we will give you the publishing house information.

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The magazine is inspiring its readership to spend every second in the Saddle. Posted by a staff of experienced horse lovers who know the daily challenge and reward of horse back rides and property, Your Horse is a great resource for you: it' a great resource for advising you: Inspired by the best horse and trainer in the business, we will help you enhance your horse back training, regardless of your ability and ambitions.

Provides expertise and guidance on all facets of horse grooming, which includes solving general problems and exploring and explaining advanced daily grooming and medicinal technologies. This trusted consultancy helps you to safely invest your funds in the best possible product for you and your horse. There is a price on your horse: Her horse appears 13 a year, every four-week.

If you do not deactivate automatic renewals at least 24 hrs before the end of the active session, your membership will be renewed periodically. If you do not modify your iTunes preference setting, your iTunes accounts will be billed at the same rate for renewals within 24 hrs of the end of the active session for the same time.

After you have purchased, you can administer your membership through your Preferences, but you cannot cancel your existing membership during an ongoing membership year. Thanks for using the Your Horse Magazine application. Thanks for your help. This magazine is my favorite - full to the rim with great advice for horsemen at all skill level, as well as riding stories from all over the globe.

Looks like it's packed with TWO the contents of most horse journals. or just enjoying a good mince - you're gonna like this magazine.

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