Youth Equestrian Riding Helmets

Youngsters equestrian helmets

Youth and horse injuries on the farm: One suitcase for helmets. In this article we provide an overview of the literature relating to the use and function of riding helmets. This updated version has a hard, shaped shell and is perfect for young riders. Multiple features put safety and comfort in the helmet.

School Helmets, Troxel and Devon Aire Helmets

Select riding helmets from major makes such as Charles Owens, ATH, International, Troxel and Devon Aire, to name but a few. Don't let the concept of a school hat make you think that the importance of good design and security is less. Security is the most important thing in the training of the youngster. Don't let your hardhat be where you decide to be penniless and cunning.

We have the best riding helmets in the world. The ASTM certified ASTM system's sophisticated venting system draws fresh breath through the shell so that..... The Intrepid Hemet is a flat designed Uralight designed for the performancer. The Troxel Liberty Thhe Liberty Helm is the ultimate hat, with a flat styling, designed for training and all-purpose riding.

The Liberty helmet is ultra-light, with a flat helmet designed for training and universal use. The Troxel Liberty helmet Thhe Liberty helmet is a Uralight, with a flat styling, designed for training and general-purpose riding. The Liberty helmet is ultra light, with a flat helmet designed for training and universal use.

Series AEGIS Junior Helm, Riding protection from Devon-Aire

Make your campervan ready for a secure and pleasant season with the Devon-Aire Junior Helm. This is a children's model of Devon-Aire's famous AEGIS-Helm, inspired by the old velvety riding helmets from England. Upgraded with a tough, shaped shell, the new rider will love it.

Multiple extras put security and convenience in the hat. Junior helmets are equipped with an easy-to-install system that allows you to adjust the harness to suit your individual needs. Junior Helm has a tough micro-shell outer shell and a micro-shell pad. Ventilation openings allow air to flow under the shell, while a net of net fabric prevents dust and foreign matter from getting under the shell.

Detachable headlining pillow has antimicrobial characteristics and can be taken out of the headset for ease of use. Nylons support belt and a smooth mesh cushioning provide more convenience and can also be cleaned with gentle detergent and clean with running mud. All helmets are ASTM/SEI approved, which is necessary for riding lessons.

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