Youth Western Saddles for Sale

Western saddles for sale for teenagers

There is nothing so special as getting a young person his first western saddle or a new saddle for him, ready to ride. Young Western Saddles I am looking for a 14 to 14 1/2 Zoll nut for my boy for christmas and it is a bad dream....

but I want it to be kind enough for him to do 4-H and some open shows next year.

He' s only about 2 feet so that his leg sits right, but the chair looks too big, he' s nine. Of course, I think I should go ahead and get a 15-inch and get the 14-inch and have to buy another bike in 2 years (maybe) again yielding another.

Actually, I really loathe buying a 15 inches and having the mudguards changed. You have inexpensive saddles in good workmanship. You have rough associative saddles and chisels. No sure about the raw leather bugle, but call and speak to them. Don't change the mudguards.

You can do this by removing the mudguards from the seat and replacing them with leather. If necessary, stamp additional perforations and attach the western temples to the leather. Once the baby is assembled, it cannot be seen that the western mudguards have been replaced. A further option, if the temples are just a few centimetres too long, is to stick a small piece of wood safely onto the running surface inside the western temple, which basically results in a higher footrest - again almost hidden, especially if the baby is carrying a chap.

Concerning the seating height - if it is gangly and/or small, I wouldn't go bigger than a 14 1/2. Choose the best grade of service you can buy - it makes a big deal of money. I would suggest looking at the drum saddles, something like Billy Cook, Circle Y etc.. Alternatively, if the stapes are just a few centimeters too long, you can stick a small log of timber safely onto the running surface inside the western stapes and thus basically create a higher footrest - again it's almost hidden, another option I've seen is using a log of timber, but use a vet's box to keep it safe.

Our daugther is 8 and also in an intermediate height. She' s thin and a little small for her old age, but too big for the saddles. I searched for almost a year to find a nut that had the right dimensions and a good price without spending a penny, because in a few years she will need another one.

We' ve purchased a 1 3-inch CODY. Well, it's a good one. It' s a good looking and good looking bike and a good value for your buck. It' not exactly what I wanted (I really wanted an older, used, high value seat, but I only found one last year that was the right fit and that I just couldn't afford). This one will do the work and have a good re-sale value.

There is a rosy fit (which I don't like, but I think she will do it), rough mudguards, sleek frills and Cantle and I think it has a raw leather horn and stirrup. All I want to do is dress her up and see how it looks really awful, but it's in the stall that's all glued up and hidden from our horse trailer.

{\pos (192,210)}The proprietor said she'll be able to get them when they're in storage. However, we were concerned that she would not be able to get another saddle of this magnitude, or the prices could rise. I know that she has several saddles in store (new and used) and all different prices.

ýI know she had a 14 inches used in the back, good make (canýt recall what...possibly Y circle), but I know it didnýt have a raw leather horn. What was that? She' been selling saddles over the web, so I'm sure she'd deliver anywhere. But if you tell her what you're looking for, I'm sure she would have a few that would fit you.

The smaller the nut, the more it costs?? The only reason I carry a 13" is because the mudguards are much longer than a 12". On the other hand, the discrepancy of one inches in the sitting position is insignificant, as someone said that a boy's butt will remain small for a long while.

However, there is a big discrepancy in the length of the fenders that works for the gangly leg - not as long as a 15, but definitely not the height of the front part. When buying for a seat, pay attention to the raw hide on the bugle, it can be almost thin and break easily.

A boarder of mine purchased a 13" running caliper for his boy, but the mudguards were much too long. We took the wings from his old Ponysattel and put them on the new one until it got bigger. I' d go with the smaller nut and resell and replace if it becomes necessary.

One too big seat, and they just can't drive well.

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